Sponsors 2015
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Sponsors 2015

Water Fun Rentals

Become a sponsor.  Make a donation.

A special THANK YOU to our amazing volunteer staff and sponsors for SEP Montana. They are the best.

Our sponsors include the following.We are trying to list them as they come in, so check back often.If your name should be here and it is not, please forgive the oversight - it may be in process of being updated and isn't showing up yet.However, please contact us and let us know in case there was an oversight.We do not want to miss you!


Platinum Sponsors: ($2500.00+)

Water Fun Rentals

"We rent fun!"
Helena, MT 59601

Pontoon boats, Sports boats, Jet skis, Fishing boats, Water skies, Tubes, etc!

Living Hope Fellowship

614 N Last Chance Gulch
Helena, MT 59604

Generations Ministry (Converge 2015)



Gold: ($1000.00-$2499.99)

  • High Country Growers - Montana's premier wholesale grower of bedding plants, hanging baskets, organic herbs, organic strawberry plants, succulents and perennials.
  • GCI Roegiers Scholarship Fund
  • Johnson & Associates, Inc. - Web site application development
  • Grace Communion-Boise Church
  • Vicky (from Jesus)

Silver: ($500.00-$999.99)

  • Set Free Helena
  • Tramelle, Pat and Layne
  • Heuiser Physical Therapy, Brian/Amy Heuiser
  • Albertsons
  • Helena Kiwanas
  • Big Sky Printwear - www.bigskyprintwear.com
  • Bill/Carol Bergstad
  • Spirit of Grace Fellowship/Gerald Schnarrenberger
  • Josh Pierson

Bronze: ($250.00-$499.99)

  • Fahlquist, Leigh/Tara 
  • Annonymous Donor
  • Thomas, Trevor & Elizabeth
  • McDonalds of Helena
  • Frito-Lay
  • Montana Wild - Fish, Wildlife and Parks
  • Broadwater Ford - Townsend
  • Lonnie Morgan
  • Northwest Heating and Air Conditioning LLC.

Camper Level:($100.00-$249.99)

  • Patrick and Chantelle McDuffie
  • Richard & Anna Yetter
  • Kathy Lake
  • Lowes
  • Super 1 Foods
  • Fred/Betty Maw
  • Leilanis Lattes/Tralee Mongoven
  • Mountain Sno / Michelle Gilleland
  • Careylyn Hill
  • Lehrkind's Coca Cola
  • Kim/Chuck Ballard / Meineke Car Care Center
  • Faye Rogers
  • Nabisco
  • Chevrolet of Helena
  • Patrick/Chantelle mcDuffie
  • Robert Schoenborne
  • Wal-Mart
  • Sam Beauchamp
  • Pepsi Cola

Supporter: (Various donations)

  • Helena Valley Faith Center (Home of Faith Kids) - What an awesome group of people!
  • Lisa Sommers
  • Rick Gunter Sr
  • Super 1 Foods
  • Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks / Montana Wild

Special mention to a few folks:

  • Gary Sommers:  helping find donations for much of the kitchen food
  • Dallas/Bonnie Burner:  despite being scheduled to have a baby around camp-time, they have continued to support camp and been a huge help even while knowing they probably will not be able to be very involved in the actual week of camp.


Volunteer Staff for 2015
Rick Mohs (PT) Gabriel Sommers Tori O'Neal Tilar Reed

Anna Yetter

Don Wark
Darian Fine Deandre Fine Patrick McDuffie Becky Marjamaa Tobe Johnson Barb Johnson
Aurora Carley Christen Loendorf Jennifer Wilson Charlie Wilson Serena Carley John Carley
Nick Loomer Dannielle Douglas Tom Palmer Jaymie Noble Des Bumgarner Jeff Swartz
Breanna Lincoln
Christian Tuipulotu
Dallas Ballardbi
Brittney Maw
Tiffany Ivers
Shannon Courtney
Faye Rogers
Jamie Merrill
Halie Carley
Ayla Skidmore
Lisa Wamsley
Robyn Mohs
Caterina Maw
Kristi Jaster
Tom Attard
Amanda Attard
Freddie Maw IV
Taylar Foster
Javier Ayala
Helen Lefferdink Madisen Steele (PT) Bill Bergstad (PT) Sam Drogitis (PT) Katelyn Weninger
Jim Johnson
Sam Beauchamp
Andy Metroka (PT) Patty Metroka (PT) Amy Heuiser (PT) Fred Maw (PT)
Betty Maw (PT)

James Douglas

James Weikert (PT) Konlan Sterland Bonnie Burner (PT) Dallas Burner (PT)
Leigh Fahlquist (PT) Tara Fahlquist (PT) Sheila Johnson (PT) Kendra Johnson (PT) Richard Yetter  

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Volunteers Staff for 2015  
Attard, Amanda  Attard, Tom  ayala, javier  Ballard, Dallas 
Bergstad, William  Bumgarner, Desiree  Carley, Aurora  Carley, Halie 
Carley, John  Carley, Serena  Courtney, Shannon  Douglas, Dannielle 
Douglas, James  drogitis, sam  Fine, Darian  Fine, Deandre 
Foster, Taylar  Ivers, Tiffany  Jaster, Kristi  Johnson, Barbara 
Johnson, Tobe  Lefferdink, Helen  Lincoln, Breanna  loendorf, christen 
Loomer, Nicholas  Marjamaa, Becky  Maw, Brittney  Maw, Caterina 
Maw IV, Freddie  McDuffie, Patrick  Merrill, Jamie  Mohs, Richard 
Mohs, Robyn  Noble, Jaymie  O'Neal/Wark, Victoria  Palmer, william 
Reed, Tilar  Rogers, Faye  Skidnore, Ayla  Sommers, Gabriel 
Steele, Madisen  Sterland, Konlan  Swartz, Jeffrey  Tuipulotu, Christian 
Wamsley, Lisa  Wark, Don  Weikert, James  Weninger, Katelyn 
wilson, charlie  Wilson, Jennifer  Yetter, Anna  Yetter, Richard 

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