2015 - Medieval Quest
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2015 - Medieval Quest

STATS at a glance: 

Theme:                             "Medieval Quest" - focus on Epic Stories

Campers:                         116

                                                Kiddie Camp:      9 kids
                                                Jr Camp:              68 kids
                                                Sr Camp:             39 kids

Staff:  60 (full and part-time)

Salvations: 22

Baptisms: 30  (staff and campers)

Scholarships Issued: 50 (full or partial)

Budget:  $22,700

Community Sponsors:  44


2015 was a year of challenge!

March 2015 came with some significant challenges for SEP Montana:

  1. A phone call from our former camp location came, informing us that, even though we already had our facilities reserved, paid for, and scheduled with all or our people and many campers, we had grown too large for our existing camp site and we would have to find a new camp location. 

    We had been praying for a new camp location, but this was not quite how we had hoped to get it.

    After a stressful few days, God provided and we found another camp location that will allow us the potential of growing up to 300 people, however....

  2. Due to it being so late in the season, we were also forced to change our camp dates as our previously set dates were booked.  Since we had no choice, we changed the camp dates, but....

  3. This also led to some staff members having to back out of serving due to scheduling conflicts.  That included a couple core staff members.  That hurt, but God provided new staff members and allowed existing ones to move into newer roles.  However....

  4. This also led to some campers that had already registered and paid their tuition having to back out due to scheduling conflicts.  We gave any camper a 100% refund, no questions asked, if the date change kept them from coming to camp.  Thankfully, most were able to accommodate the new location and dates.  In the end...

In the end, despite the challenges, (or perhaps because of them), we had perhaps the best camp year ever! 

Highlights from 2015:

  1. New dorm - 4G:  Converge 2015 of Generations Ministry generously donated funds to create a 4th dorm for our girls this year.  We filled this dorm 1/2 full in the first year of it being open.  The anticipation is that it will be at maximum capacity in 2016.  For the first time in several years, we did not turn away any female campers.  (although we did turn away several male campers)  We are SO appreciative to Converge 2015 and Generations Ministry for the support they have provided SEP Montana.

  2.  Staff in Training (SIT) Program: For the first time, we started a Staff in Training program for kids who were still campers (13-17 year olds), but who showed an interest in becoming a staff worker in the future. We split the program into Jr and Sr SIT workers:  Of their 4 full days at camp, Jr SIT spent 1/2 day in a service/activity area (kitchen, photography, waterfront, etc.) of their choice and 1/2 day shadowing a dorm/counselor assigned to them.  Sr SIT spent a full day working in a service/activity area and 1 full day shadowing a dorm/counselor.  At the end of their time in their work areas, SIT's were giving feedback from their supervising staff.  We had 6 kids in SIT program for Year 1.

    1. we need a person focused on overseeing just this program. 
    2. some of the kids wanted to serve MORE than their allocated hours.

  3. Community Sponsors:  We had 44 church and community donor sponsors for 2015.  That was a new record and we are happy to partner with various church and community organizations to make a difference in kids lives - from Kiwanis, Wal-Mart, Staples, and many individuals.  Our largest donor core comes from GCI related groups (such as Converge 2015 and churches in our region).  THANK YOU SO MUCH.  GCI has been a huge blessing to SEP Montana.

    Each donor was involved in a variety of ways from  sponsoring kids, making donations of finances or materials, donating supplies, providing staff workers or other things.

  4.  Salvations:  We had 22 salvation professions on the board this year.  One in particular was moving:

  5.  Baptisms:  We had our second highest baptism service this year with 30 kids and staff getting baptized in Canyon Ferry Lake. 

    One highlight:  another group in the campground heard about our baptism service and one of the ladies from their group asked if she could get baptized as she had never been.  In the middle of her camp, with 15 or so of her friends listening in, we talked about baptism, what it pictures, and Gods love for us.  At the end of our time, I told her that if she wanted to be baptized, show up during our service, and we would be glad to do it.  As we are standing out in the water on Friday morning, with a line of kids and staff waiting their turn to enter the water, I looked onto shore and there she was - standing in line with the rest of those waiting their turn! 

Activities included:

  • Tubing, Jet Skiing
  • Christian Living
  • Arts/Crafts
  • Paintball
  • Volleyball (new activity - first time offered)
  • Team Building
  • Pontoon boat rides
  • Service Projects
  • Montana Animals in the Wild (sponsored by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks)
  • Movie Time and more.

Fundraising Contest Winners

 First Place Winner: Caterina Maw  Over $1600+ in sponsorships and donations.

Second Place Winner: Charlie Wilson - Over $1268.00 in sponsorships and donations.


Volunteer Staff for 2015
Rick Mohs (PT) Gabriel Sommers Tori O'Neal Tilar Reed

Anna Yetter

Don Wark
Darian Fine Deandre Fine Patrick McDuffie Becky Marjamaa Tobe Johnson Barb Johnson
Aurora Carley Christen Loendorf Jennifer Wilson Charlie Wilson Serena Carley John Carley
Nick Loomer Dannielle Douglas Tom Palmer Jaymie Noble Des Bumgarner Jeff Swartz
Breanna Lincoln
Christian Tuipulotu
Dallas Ballardbi
Brittney Maw
Tiffany Ivers
Shannon Courtney
Faye Rogers
Jamie Merrill
Halie Carley
Ayla Skidmore
Lisa Wamsley
Robyn Mohs
Caterina Maw
Kristi Jaster
Tom Attard
Amanda Attard
Freddie Maw IV
Taylar Foster
Javier Ayala
Helen Lefferdink Madisen Steele (PT) Bill Bergstad (PT) Sam Drogitis (PT) Katelyn Weninger
Jim Johnson
Sam Beauchamp
Andy Metroka (PT) Patty Metroka (PT) Amy Heuiser (PT) Fred Maw (PT)
Betty Maw (PT)

James Douglas

James Weikert (PT) Konlan Sterland Bonnie Burner (PT) Dallas Burner (PT)
Leigh Fahlquist (PT) Tara Fahlquist (PT) Sheila Johnson (PT) Kendra Johnson (PT) Richard Yetter