2016 - Celebration Unleased!
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2016 - Celebration Unleased!

STATS at a glance: 

Theme:  "Celebration Unleased!"

Date:  July 18-22, 2017

Location:  Hellgate Campground, Canyon Ferry Lake - Group Shelter A & B

Campers:    Total:             102 kids

Staff:  58 (full and part-time)

Baptisms:  20 (staff and campers)

Scholarships Issued: 62 (full or partial)

Budget:  $25,400

Community Sponsors:  64



Highlights from 2016:

  1. It was SEP Montana's 10 year anniversary
  2. Tuesday night scavenger hunt and s'mores over the campfire.
  3. Expanding our camp store.
  4. One of our campers dad's delivering his pillow pet by air dropping it from a helicopter.
  5. Worship concert by 'Rise' worship band on Wednesday night.
  6. Thursday night church service.
  7. Bringing back 'cow tongue' team building match.

Fundraising Contest Winners

First Place Winner: Team Douglas (James/Dannielle Douglas) in sponsorships and donations.

Second Place Winner: Team Wilson (Charlie/Jen Wilson) in sponsorships and donations.