It is a contest!
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It is a contest!

Contest Rules

The Contest: 

Every year, we run a contest to see who can secure the greatest amount of support/donations for SEP Montana.  The contest has multiple goals:  (1) to raise money for camp (2) to build momentium / excitement for the current camp year (3) to show how God provides our needs.  SEP Montana is 100% volunteer run and all funds come from local organizations and individual donors.


About 50% of our SEP Montana campers are sponsored by someone for various reasons, such as financial hardship.  The overall camp is a non-profit organization and is highly dependent upon local donations for general operating revenue, over and above the minimal camper registration fees. 

Our local staff volunteers their time to run the camp.  Many of our staff members even sponsor children themselves.  We want to be able to give Montana kids an AWESOME youth camp experience.  We are a community camp and we rely on the community support to make this camp model work.


  1. Certain core sponsors (listed below) from previous years do not count for contest purposes.

  2. Donations can be:
    a.    Financial:  e.g. $100 for sponsoring a camper
    b.    Stuff:  e.g. donations of food, gift certificates, sleeping bags, vehicles, etc.  (We will need a dollar value of any 'stuff' donated to be elligible for the contest.)

  3. Goal: The person with the highest total dollar volume of donations (financial and 'stuff') will win the contest.  The runner up will be the person with the second highest total dollar volume in donations.

  4. Two winners:

    1-First place winner will get a $100.00 gift certificate for the merchant of their choice. 
    2-Runner up winner will get a $50.00 gift certificate for the merchant of their choice.

  5. All sponsorship information must be turned in by Staff orientation of camp week to be eligible for the contest.

IRS Tax Exempt LetterSponsor a Camper/Make an ONLINE Donation NOW


2018 First Place Winner: ________________

 Second Place Winner: ___________________


2017 First Place Winner: Tom Palmer 

 Second Place Winner: James Douglas 


2016 First Place Winner: Team Douglas (James, Dannielle, etc.).

 Second Place Winner: Team Wilson (Charlie/Jen).


2015 First Place Winner: Caterina Maw  Over $1600+ in sponsorships and donations.

 Second Place Winner: Charlie Wilson - Over $1268.00 in sponsorships and donations.


2014 First Place Winner: Caterina Maw.  Second Place Winner:


2013 First Place Winner: Caterina Maw - Over $1200.00 in sponsorships and new donations.

Second Place Winner: Tom Palmer - Over $1000.00 in sponsorships and new donations.


2012 Winner: Caterina Maw - Over $800.00 in sponsorships and new donations.


2011 Winner: Caterina Maw - Over $600.00 in sponsorships and new donations.


Core supporters not eligible for being contested for contest purposes:

1.  Big Sky Printwear/Water Fun Rentals
2.  Johnson.Net/Tobe Johnson

  3.  Set Free Helena
4.  Living Hope Fellowship